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Anti-scalding Coffee/Tea Mugs 350ml/500ml


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1 Coffee glass water cup with both direct drinking and drinking straw.Silicone mouth straw, drink water elegantly without sticking lipstick; Drink straight, drink water without waiting; Meet the needs of different occasions.
2 The borosilicate cup body can withstand sudden cold and heat, suitable for cold and hot drinks.
3 The large caliber cup mouth design is convenient for adding water and ice, easier to clean, and sanitary.
4 With detachable silicone sleeve, it feels good, prevents hot hands, and better holds the cup without slipping off
5 There are two capacities, namely a small 350ml and a medium 500ml. The colors are yellow, pink, green, and gray. There is always one suitable for you.


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350 ml, 500 ml


Green, Grey, Pink, Yellow


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