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miniwell L620 Portable Water Purifier for camping and outdoor sports





Water Filter Bottle Miniwell L620

By Miniwell

Features and specifications:
• Turn natural fresh water or tap water into drinkable water instantly.
• Tap Water and Natural Flesh Water are Available – Miniwell water filtration bottle not just improves the taste of filtered water, but also removes 99.9999% waterborne germs and reduces heavy metal. No matter where you stay in the city of any country, you can treat the questionable tap water by yourself.
• Long Lasting Safe Hydration On the Go – Most GAC filter can remove unpleasant taste at the beginning of use. GAC filtration effect can not last real 1000L taste improvement. miniwell water filtration bottle ensures 1000L tap water taste improvement.
• Safe Material – Collapsible Water Bottle 0.7L capacity is made of BPA-free PE plastic and includes a carabiner for quick and easy attachment.
• Versatile Design – Filter straw can be detached from collapsible bottle and used by itself to act as a filtration straw.
• Nice Bottle Holder And Carabiner for Protection – No need to worry about carelessly drop the bottle on the trail. And good quality holder repels the water from its surface. Using the included carabiner can attaches the miniwell filtration bottle to your bag.
• Tested and Certified by FDA and SGS


Model Number Miniwell Water Filter Bottle L620
Filter Size 29*147mm
Weight 50g
Filtration Capacity Ensure 1000 Litre treated water safety
Material ABS (Food Grade), Carbon Fiber, UF (Ultrafiltration Membrane), PE (Polyethylene)
Capacity of Collabsible bottle 0.7L
Capacity of Collabsible bottle 0.7L
Filtration Pore Size 0.1 micron
Optimum Temperature Range  0 – 400°C

Provide a cost effective alternative to bottled water.

Keep you hydrated longer on any outdoor adventure.


No matter where you stay in the city of any country, you can treat the questionable tap water by yourself.Save money on bottle​d water.


Drink Natural Fresh Water Instantly

Even though you are in back country, using the bottle to scoop water from flowing river or stream, it is easy to get safe drinkable water instantly by Miniwell water filtration bottle. Rain water and lake water can be water source.


Versatile Design: Water Filter Straw

Filter straw can be detached from collapsible bottle and used by itself to act as a filtration straw


Two stage UF membrane with carbon fiber will filter bacteria, parasites and remove any unpleasant taste or odour from the water


Miniwell Use Unique Carton Fiber As Second Cartridge

Miniwell Carbon Fiber reduces harmful contaminants that most other portable filters miss, including chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury and agricultural runoff.The duration of chlorine removal is 6-8 times longer than most other portable filters. Nothing else for on the go hydration equals miniwell carbon’s ability to remove chlorine.


0.1micron Membrane as First Stage Cartridge

Miniwell L620 UF membrane has 0.1micron pore diameter that removes 99.9% particulate matter,bacteria and colloids. Chemicals Free—No chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or iodine are used for purification of water, thereby making water safe and healthy for consumption. UF membrane does not remove any beneficial minerals in the water.


Wallet Friendly—UF membrane can be backflushed to extend lifespan. L620 UF filter outside-in configuration maximizes the ease of backwashing. UF membrane performance can maintain much more than 1000 Liters if clearing is appropriate.

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